NavTac Game Series
        Tactical WWI Naval Combat
Three titles comprise the first edition NAVTAC series of tactical naval games set in World War I.   Each of the games in the NavTac game system uses 1/3000 scale ship counters (which must be cut apart) representing various ship types (BB, BC, B, AC, CL, AMC), rated in a variety of categories (type, displacement, main guns & secondary guns (each rated for range, bow, broadside, and stern firing), speed, armor, damage accumulation), using five minute turns, and very playable game mechanics, for two or more players.  Rules cover movement, ranging fire, regular fire, regular and critical hit damage, weather, crew quality, torpedoes, national navy characteristics, and contain ship data necessary for play, and other advanced options.  All you need to play is a pair of six-sided dice, tape measure, paper and pencil, and a large table-top or floor space.  NavTac games are thus well-suited to naval gaming newcomers, as well as veterans.  Ship ratings and rules are interchangable between any of the NavTac titles; counter size is approx. 2.5"x .62".  At five minutes per turn, and secondary as well as main guns individually used, the NavTac system is the most detailed among the systems produced by Minden.  
  The ships and game system in first edition NavTac is compatible with the new series of NavTac 
NavTac: Mediterranean focuses on the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Black Sea theaters of early WWI.  Includes: 24-page illustrated rule booklet containing standard and optional rules, ship data necessary for play, and several scenarios; three sheets of 1/3000 scale ship counters; two Reference Cards; and a Tactical display (for the solitaire option). The rules cover all the standard and optional rules, plus a section providing full rules for solitaire play.   
NavTac: Pacific is Expansion #1 to the NavTac series, and focuses on the Pacfic theater in early WWI, primarily the exploits of Von Spee's East Asia Squadron.  As an Expansion, NavTac: Pacific does not include the standard game rules; to use this game, you must either have NavTac: Med, or NavTac: Standard Rules. Includes: 20-page illustrated rule booklet including additional advanced rules; two sheets of 1/3000 scale ship counters; several scenarios; campaign game; two Reference Cards.
NavTac: Standard contains the standard and optional rules as contained in NavTac: Med.  Includes:  12-page illustrated rule booklet, and six 1/3000 scale ship counters (to enable you to play the included  introductory scenario).  
Example of Play
Scharnorst (German armored cruiser) is 13,000 yards to the west of Invincible (British battlecruiser) in fair weather, in a calm sea state, with both ships travelling east at 18 knots.  Invincible has two 12" turrets that can train on the target, though its 4" seconary guns are not within range at this point.  At this range, Invincible will need to roll (with two dice) a 4 or 7 to hit Invincible, each turret rolling separately.  Let's say Invincible has already "found the range" with Scharhorst, and that one double-gun turret rolls a hit; against Scharnhorst's 6" armor; a further roll indicates that this hit causes 2450 damage points to Scharnhorst (deducted from its total displacement of 11,800).  Also, let's say this hit caused a critical hit.  With a further two-dice roll we find that Scharnhorst has suffered flooding, and its top speed will be dropped by three knots for the rest of the scenario.
It should be noted that the rules allow one to play with the level of complexity one finds most appealing.  If you want to incorporate rules for smoke, allow national differences for command control, damage control, fire control, ammunition supply, and various other items, one is free to do so.  On the other hand, if you prefer a straight-forward naval battle without these sorts of considerations, that is fine as well.  The game system is meant to be flexible, and playable, and can be adapted to personal tastes.
These games are now out of print.  They have been replaced by the new NAVTAC game series, now available.  
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NavTac: Mediterranean is available in pdf format.